Sustainable Event – Basque Circular Summit

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Sustainable Event

Erronka Garbia

Erronka Garbia is a certificate implemented by the Basque Government, through Ihobe, its environmental management agency, which recognises those events that include environmental measures in the design and organisation to minimise the potential negative impacts to the environment associated to the event being held.

This project seeks to raise awareness among the event delegates and organisers to offset the negative impacts associated with the organising of large events with the aim of holding events that have the minimum possible impact on the setting. Any entities, institutions, companies, associations or individuals that organise events according to environmental criteria may sign up to the Erronka Garbia certificate.

A series of measures to improve the environmental aspects most likely to have a negative impact on the setting needs to be implemented to achieve the appropriate sustainability in an event. Therefore, six focal points of action have been established to minimise the environmental aspects that occur in each of the phases of the event.

The Basque Ecodesign Meeting 2020 organisers, and as proof of our commitment to continuous environmental improvement, have sought to ensure that impact in those areas is reduced as far as possible. The principles of the Erronka Garbia certificate have therefore been applied to the organisation of the Congress and its certification has been obtained.