Policy officer - Industrial Emissions Directive at DG Environment. Comisión Europea

Michael started his professional life in the UK as a geologist and geotechnical engineer, working in consulting firms on roads, housing foundations, water treatment plants, landfills, tunnels and urban regeneration projects. Via the latter, as well as waste management, he became increasingly involved in environmental topics and corporate environmental management, including Life Cycle Assessment, environmental management systems and the IED’s predecessor, IPPC.

From the implementation of environmental legislation, he made the jump to its negotiation and drafting, and has been involved in the Brussels milieu and EU policy-making for 20 years, firstly representing two energy-related trade associations, and at the European Commission itself since 2012 (DGs GROW, JRC and ENV). His work has encompassed Ecodesign and Energy Labelling regulations, wider energy policy, Circular Economy and – since 2020 – the revision of the Industrial Emissions Directive.