Director of Strategy and Innovation - Ihobe, Public Environmental Management Company. Basque Government

From the perspective of innovation, in the 1980s he carried out research work on the oxidation of petrol at Dow Chemical Ibérica (Tarragona) and on polyester-based plasticising at Rhone Poulenc (Girona).

In 1987, he joined Ihobe, where he took technical responsibility for the resolution of the Lindane pesticide contamination, building the lindane waste treatment plant using catalytic dechlorination in a basic medium. During this period, he also developed the process of stabilising steel dust, along with the UPV.

In a second phase at Ihobe, he has promoted and collaborated in the launch of innovative environmental policy instruments, such as the Eco-innovation Programme, the first Environmental Framework Programme, the Basque List of Clean Technologies, the Eco-social barometer, the Voluntary Agreements, the Basque Ecodesign Center, etc.