Project manager - Tecnalia - BRTA

Mechanical Engineer in 1995 and Materials Engineer in 2004 by the UPV, Master in Production Management by MU in 1997 and PhD in Condensed Matter Chemistry by the University of Bordeaux in 2011. 10 year experience in the foundry and recycling sector.

Since 2007 he has been working at Tecnalia -BRTA, being project manager in the area of metallic processes. His work has focused mainly on the research and development of new light metallic materials, the development of new alloys and the recovery of metals from complex waste.

Main inventor of 12 European patents, responsible for more than 50 regional, national and European projects, participating as speaker and president in several congresses and with more than 40 publications and presentations at congresses.

Award for the best scientific work at the 2018 World Casting Congress.