General Manager - Confebask

Born in Bilbao in 1962, married with two children.

Economics and Business Studies graduate from the Sarrriko Faculty of Economics (UPV-EHU) and a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Administration (M.B.A.) from the I.E.S.E. Business School, part of the University of Navarre. He is also a graduate of the University of Deusto in San Sebastian, where he completed a joint study programme with Harvard University, on “Competitiveness and Regional Development”. For 3 years, he was an associate lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies in Sarriko.

He is currently Director General of the Basque Business Confederation – Confebask.

With sound knowledge of Basque industry, his position of responsibility in Confebask puts him in regular contact with Basque Public Administrations concerning business restructuring and relaunching plans and he has taken active part in designing and developing the Basque Country’s industrial policy and other public policies to grow Basque companies.