Eco-innovation Manager - Ihobe, Public Environmental Management Company. Basque Government

Ander Elgorriaga graduated in Microbiology from the Swiss Polytechnic University in Zurich and has a Master’s Degree in Water Integral Management and Water Technology – ETH. He worked at the engineering firm Ondoan before joining Ihobe, where he has held different posts related to the circular economy and the company (waste, innovation, circular economy, eco-innovation) during the last 30 years.

Thanks to his work on technological and methodological projects, he has helped over 300 companies to anticipate the new circular challenges in new regulation and emerging markets in the European Union.  Furthermore, he has developed market or economic instruments (tax rebates, etc.), and programmes to promote the circular economy in companies and, in recent years, the Circular Ecoinnovation Programme. He coordinates the Ecoinnovation Steering group of the Basque Science and Technology Plan – PCTI 2030.